The Perfect Idea For Your Poker Blog

People can write like pros. They need to write, that gift is in their blood, but not professionally. Being a real writer requires few years of studies of language and journalism, but not everyone can be journalists so easily. This occupation requires special character and preparation.

The way out for such writers is blogs where they can describe whatever they want. Thousands of advice articles “How to write your blog…” point out one main issue – choosing a topic is a key to blog’s success. If one will write about everything what’s on his/her mind – no one is going to read it. Blogger should choose as narrow niche topic as possible and write about it.

Poker is a very exciting skill game (when played professionally) with huge market of events, TV shows, websites etc. There are so many topics to cover about poker in general, but then it may be interesting only to non-players who doubt or is against online poker and gambling. Other poker players would see just another poker blog. Choosing a topic for your poker blog is also essential.

Sometimes decision about blog topic is very hard, because people simply do not know what they could write about. I would like to help by giving 1 interesting topic, which can be used by hundreds of professional and amateur poker bloggers and still remain interesting and long term one.

The blog topic is: How much money I can make in any online poker room in a set period of time having $0.

That topic is not new one, some people already write their blogs about it, but very few ones. Such topic helps people who are not players to decide in their “play or not to play” consideration, because authors of such blogs can show how they won a freeroll, then participated in real money SNG’s and various online qualifiers to a bigger tournaments. By the way, this topic has derived from so called “Chris Ferguson Challenge” when famous poker pro Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson played in Full Tilt Poker having $0. In 9 months of play he made $10,000 and donated this money to Save the Children Foundation. Of course, Chris Ferguson did not have time to play daily, because in year 2007 he was playing and cashed out in lots of big tournaments.

You may ask how you can play having $0 in any poker room. Well there are lots of various no deposit bonuses when you can claim $5-$50 no deposit bonus from various websites and rooms. Just look for right promotion in pokersphere! That will help if by chance blogger looses all the money won after first post. Blog must go on in any case – win or lose.

Writing this topic there will be other side topics automatically about the room you play in, tournaments you participate, people you meet, bad beats or good hands you make etc. All these little details are worth your attention and if originally written, readers attention as well. What are you waiting for? Start your poker blog today!

Marius is a poker blogger himself. He writes a narrow niche blog ab

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